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Plasdeck Advantages

PLASDECK offers many advantages over its competition 

Cleaning - Simply wash Plasdeck like you would your factory non skid surface.  A mild soapy solution with a stiff deck brush works great.  Powerwashing once or twice a season removes dirt in the grain of the material.  Red wine, fish blood, food, etc. washes right off without staining.

Non Skid Properties = How many times have you slipped on your white factory "non skid surface" when wet?  Plasdeck actually gets better traction on your soles when wet!  Don't bother wearing black soled shoes as they can create black scuff marks.  Boat shoes, or no shoes is the way to go! 

Custom Design = ABS Marine templates your vessel to assure that your deck will fit perfectly.  We work with you to provide a design that fits your style and budget.  Hatches, latches, perimiters, etc. can all be bordered to enhance the detail of your deck.  We can also provide custom inlays using a CNC router.  Your logo, boat name, compass roses, fish, etc. can all be put in your design.  Best of all, our expert design service is FREE!

MADE IN THE USA! = Plasdeck is the only synthetic teak decking product made in the USA!  Plasdeck is based in Copley Ohio and is a small family owned company who stands behind their product.  Plasdeck has a 5 year warranty.   

Innovative Products! = Plasdeck offers more choices than any other decking choice.  Coolteak, Azzure (glow in the dark decking), Silver, Black, and traditional Black and off white lined decking finish off the Plasdeck line of products.

Price! = ABS MARINE can design, template, fabricate and install your new Plasdeck for $50.00 - $75.00 per square foot.  Our competition typically charges $75-$110 per square foot.  Our decks are welded together as one piece, many of our competitors glue the decking together, which will ultimately fail and come apart.

PLASDECK Boat Deck Weathering Study

Plasdeck put it's decking to the test!  A simulated test of 20 years of hard weather by an independant labratory!  The results were amazing!

PlasDECK PVC Vinyl Decking, Xenon Weathering Study
SAE J-2527, Automotive Exterior Weathering Study

Non-migrating plasticizers – All types of plastic contain oils or “plasticizers.” These oils are usually free to move around within the plastic. They will migrate to the surface where they can be washed away, or the plasticizers will migrate to the bottom of the material and compromise the glue bond.The oils in our PVC plastic will not migrate because the oils are locked in place. That means that the PlasDECK won’t dry out, crack, or crumble over time and the PlasDECK will retain its superior adhesion. This proprietary process is unique to PlasDECK decking material and can’t be found in other synthetic decking products on the market. We have been awarded two US Patents (US Patents 7,578,251 & 7,617,791).These samples represent 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 hour exposures (i.e. 500 = 1 year, 2500 = 5 Year). The conditions of the test were 16 hours of UV light at 158ºF (70ºC), followed by 8 hours condensation at 122ºF (50ºC).Below are the actual samples that were tested. As you can see, the color remained intact and there are no signs of any degradation in the material.
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