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Interior Flooring

Amtico Interior Cabin Marine Flooring
Teak and Holley - Over 30 styles and colors!

Amtico has been a trusted name in commercial flooring for over four decades and their products are now revolutionizing boat and yacht flooring. With a 15 year warranty in commercial applications, this ultra-durable flooring will outlast your boat. Amtico offers a large selection of wood colors to choose from, so if you want something a little different to set your boat apart from the rest, Amtico is your answer.

Amtico marine flooring is installed in many high end boats new from the factory.  You have also seen AMTICO flooring in cruise ships, shopping malls, supermarkets and many other commercial applications.  Teak and Holley (with white lines) flooring is laid down on an ABS plastic sub-floor with epoxy glue to form a water resistant floor which is designed to last in the marine environment.  Great for cabin soles! 

Amtico Marine is flooring without limits, turning brilliant ideas into outstanding floors, achieving the look you want with the performance you need. Developed specifically to meet the stringent performance and test standards required for the marine market, Amtico offers a rich selection of woods, marbles, stones and metallics. The design options from the standard range of dimensions alone offer great flexibility, and with state of the art cutting capability available for special features and designs, the possibilities are endless.

ABS Marine can give you a custom quote for your project. Every custom installation is different.  As a baseline, prices start around $40.00 per sq. foot installed.

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