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Commercial Carpet

ABS Marine can supply the US Navy and the US Coast Guard with certified durable, comfortable carpets... built for the high seas.

Whether you are protecting our coasts or just protecting yourself from too much sun on a cruise... ABS Marine can provide you with slip resistant certified carpets for a variety of spaces.

If you are ferrying cars, carrying car parts or drilling for the oil that makes them run...ABS Marine can install material to meet your immediate needs.

The carpets that we offer meet the Federal Specification DDD-C-95 along with Military Standard 1623D (US Navy and US Coast Guard). They are approved under

the IMO/FTP requirements and have Lloyd’s Register Certificate of Fire Approval. They are accepted for compliance with Lloyd’s Register Rules and Regulations

and with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Our products are the most thoroughly tested carpets made in the U.S.
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